5 things hoteliers should learn from the sharing economy :

Instead of denying or hoping on legal miracles here are 5 things hoteliers should learn from the sharing economy:


  1. Offer each guest a personalized journey:

Recent studies show that a large majority of travelers desire a unique experience. Far too often hotels offer only standard solutions. Concierges are sending guests to tourist traps rather than proposing genuine local experiences.
Today it is key to know and understand your guests. If you know what your guests really want in and outside their rooms and offer that, they will come back.

  1. Give better value for money:

Today guests are prepared to spend some extra money if the value is justified. When visiting the Airbnb website people can chose between hundreds of comfort or luxury levels. Hotels should be able to create and market unique value adding offers.

  1. Embrace technology:

Hotels are lightyears behind in the use of big data and tech overall. Technological innovations should be used to truly improve the customer journey instead of just being cost savers like the automatic check-in desks and apps.

  1. Communicate:

In an Airbnb guest are having numerous interactions with their hosts. Use the network and the knowledge of the neighborhood of ALL your personnel to make the guest’s stay unforgettable. Forget about surveys and TALK to your guests as this channel of continuous feedback enables you to improve continuously.

  1. Don’t try to imitate but focus on your USP’s:

Things like: consistency, safety, in-house restaurants and gyms, 24/7-service, early last second stays and location are points that most Airbnb can’t beat. Improve them and delight your guests.

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