Customer Journey improvement as the motor for our holistic approach



Today, most of our improvement programs start from a customer-centric point of view. In order to conduct an in depth identification phase solid mapping is KEY !

  • It is crucial to identify ALL the touch-points between the customer and the organization.
  • We make a clear distinction between onstage and offstage touch-points
  • Generally we can identify the “moments of truth”  by using the Pareto-method and start working on improving these crucial moments
  • During the identification phase as well as during the development phase, we imply the ENTIRE organisation as well as a maximum of stakeholders possible
  • At EffCo we strongly believe in a very pragmatic approach focusing on improvements more than on the layout and design of the forms to use.
  • As we use a holistic approach, not only the customer journey improves, but also substantial growth is revenue (10-15%), higher productivity (15-20%) as well as better employee engagement (20-30%) is generated.

Image of businessperson pointing at document in touchpad at meeting

As most companies are still organized in functions and silo’s implementing change is very often a big challenge, therefore we focus on implementing the entire journey rather than optimizing single touch-points.


All of our projects are tailor made in close collaboration with our clients after a quick-scan