The EffCo Continuous Improvement Academy (ECIA)


Thanks to our process improvement team, EffCo can help you with creating and keeping up to the latest standards of an in-house center of excellence.

Thanks to a thorough training programme, you will, within a relatively short time period, have acquired a fully operational and permanent internal process improvement team which will be able to execute highly effective process improvement projects with lasting results and which will embed the continuous improvement drive within your organization.

The training is at the same level as our internal training and we can if desired also certify your in-house consultants in a methodology broader and more effective than lean or 6sigma

The approach is holistic and focusses on 4 aspects of implementing change:


  • Operational aspect
  • Organisational aspect
  • Managerial aspect
  • Behavioural aspect


The in-house consultants will be extensively trained in the latest techniques in the field of:


  • Identification of areas for improvement
  • Creation of buy-in for the changes
  • Implementation
  • Sustainment of obtained results and continuous improvement