Company overview

EffCo is a European boutique implementation consulting firm founded in 1994 that serves businesses and organizations in implementing sustainable performance improvements and realizing their targets.

Implementation consulting

We focus on optimizing the entire operational flow from a customer centric viewpoint.

Our people work closely together with our client’s management and supervision to achieve measurable and durable results.

Our approach combines fact based analysis, leading industry expertise and strong implementation skills.

Performance improvements simultaneously in 3 fields :

  1. Customer Journey
  2. Efficiency and productivity
  3. Employee engagement

Who We Are

We are a European partnership of more than 100 partners (consultants, coaches and interim managers) operating as a single company with strong values.


We are recruiting and developing people all over the world to ensure that we can quickly deliver the right skills-set (industry experience as well as languages) to every client.

All the EffCo people are change competent and are working uniquely at our clients’ sites to develop and implement measurable results.

EffCo people don’t have to fit in a certain mold, however they all have relentless curiosity, strong drives and a passion to make it happen on top of an academic degree.

Typically our people have considerable managerial experience in one or more of our practices. This means that we fully understand our clients’ businesses and are able to work at all levels of an organization side by side with all C-levels, management, supervisors and employees. This unique mix makes us different and unique

What We Do

Since 1994 we are helping our clients across various business sectors to make durable performance improvements happen.

We focus on delivering hands-on and sustainable results aiming to make our clients more efficient and agile, preparing them for current and future needs.

We help our clients to quickly transform, focusing on top-line, output, costs as well as the utilization of working capital.

We are solely focusing on our main practices to implement durable results.

Today our practices are :

Our approach is 3-dimensional and has a holistic view on :
  1. Customer Journey
  2. Efficiency and productivity
  3. Employee Engagement

We help organizations and executives to achieve their revenue- and profit goals with greater speed and predictability.

This approach goes far beyond sheer implementation consulting, process optimization, lean/six sigma, waste reduction or cost cutting.

An EffCo project is part of a strategy to improve the overall competitive advantage of an organization.

How We Do It

We partner with our clients and work side-by-side with all levels of management and supervision.

All the EffCo projects are tailor made in close collaboration with our clients.

4Before making a proposal we will conduct a “Quick Scan” of our clients’ operation in order to define the different areas for improvement, the levels of resistance to change as well as the best approach for the transformation.

This “Quick Scan” is a dynamic process where we review our observations and data analysis with our clients to result in a detailed road map for the performance improvement program.

The “Quick Scan”:

  • Will enable you to take a calculated decision on whether or not to invest in an EffCo improvement project.
  • Enables EffCo to formulate a tailor made proposal for your organization.
  • Enables EffCo to draw up the business case.
  • Enables you to meet the EffCo team.

Duration and content of the feasibility study :

Week 1 :

  • Operational analysis of the business processes
  • Analysis of the status and remaining potential of current improvement plans
  • Analysis of the way cross-departmental information flows is organized
  • Analysis of current management tools
  • Critical assessment of customer journey
  • Analysis of currently available management information and its use in the organization
  • Analysis of the sales organization with our “Commercial Excellence Checklist”
  • Analysis of managerial behavior and leadership styles
  • Analysis of current communication structure and meeting behavior
  • Potential for improvement in €


Week 2 :

EffCo will present a tailor made action plan for the implementation and realization of the improvement potential.

  • The EffCo resources needed to deliver the results
  • Return on Investment and payback times
  • Stakeholder analysis and development of communication plan
  • Development and agreement on project governance structure

During the projects we form joint teams with our clients to establish ownership and to sustain results. This bundling of our clients’ expertise on markets and customers with our expertise in implementing change leads to lasting performance improvements.