We focus on mid-management for a positive change



Mid-managers are playing a crucial role in efficiency improvement and  change initiatives. They should function as a bridge between senior management and the rest of the organisation.

The speed of change during an EffCo project is directly influenced by the trust-levels within an organisation. Very often, resistance to change is seen as something negative whereas it very often is a product of thoughtful consideration by employees.

70% of all change initiatives fail because of lack of buy-in from mid-management and supervisors !

We are fully convinced that middle management can and should be a positive force, being powerful facilitators, therefore excellent communication is key, because change without clear purpose will create demotivation, fatigue and decreased employee engagement levels.

Very often, communication is seen as a tool to persuade others that change is necessary, but good communication helps stakeholders understand and embrace the “what and why” of change.




At the start of the project, our specialists will help you create a good communication-plan for efficiency improvement that should demonstrate :

  • Empathy
  • Support
  • Trustworthiness

Resistance to change is frequently seen to be a problem rather than an opportunity and a valuable source of feedback.

EffCo will help you to create an environment of trust where every voice is heard and respectfully considered.

Forcing change on people is dangerous and poorly managed change-programs often lead to organizational crises.

From our over 20 years experience, we now that resistance is often attributed to :

  • Need for stability
  • Fear of the unknown
  • Fear of reduced control
  • Anticipated difficulties in adjusting to the new methods of work
  • Loss of power or status

Our coaches and consultants are very much aware that emotions move people in positive or negative directions, therefore our approach is :

  • Truthful
  • Realistic
  • Accurate
  • Authentic
  • Integer

We will involve top-management on daily basis to make sure the top is visible, credible, accessible and accountable.