What makes us different ?

  • We don’t only implement the agreed deliverables, but also implement a genuine shift in behavior with team leaders and managers in order to enhance a culture of steering on performance and of continuous improvement.

    In times where change has become constant it can be recommended to implement behavioral change without first trying to change the mindset of managers and supervisors. Very often just changing the behavioral aspects of an organisation leads to lasting commitment and higher performances.

  • Our methodology is a tool in order to obtain results, not a goal on itself.
    Lean or Six Sigma are not panacea. They are sometimes necessary but never sufficient. Today the world became a very competitive place where just implementing operational excellence is not sufficient.The EffCo approach goes far beyond lean/six sigma. Most operational excellence programs are lacking focus on leadership. In an EffCo project we will focus on continuous improvement and on leadership, coaching executives, managers and supervisors towards more expressing vision, to inspire and to mobilize.
  • All our coaches, interim managers and consultants are senior professionals with a double experience (consulting / industry).
  • Our coaches are spending a tremendous amount of time on the floor with your people instead of writing complicated reports.
  • Our methodology is completely transparent, pragmatic and reproducible in other areas, or when workflows change.pragmatic_2
  • Due to our compact organization structure all projects are directly managed and supervised by partners.

  • Competitive pricing and high ROI.



What are the critical success factors for a sustainable implementation ?