Tailor Made Interventions

How We Do It

All the EffCo projects are tailor made in close collaboration with our clients

4Our philosophy is one of close collaboration. Before making a proposal we will conduct a “Quick Scan” of our clients’ operation in order to define the different areas for improvement, the levels of resistance to change as well as the best approach for the transformation.

This “Quick Scan” is a dynamic process where we review our observations and data analysis with our clients to result in a detailed road map for the performance improvement program.

The “Quick Scan”:

  • Will enable you to take a calculated decision on whether or not to invest in an EffCo improvement project.
  • Enables EffCo to formulate a tailor made proposal for your organization.
  • Enables EffCo to draw up the business case.
  • Enables you to meet the EffCo team.Three attractive colleagues working at a computer.

Duration and possible content of the feasibility study :

Week 1 :

  • Operational analysis of the business processes
  • Analysis of the status and remaining potential of current improvement plans
  • Analysis of the way cross-departmental information flows is organized
  • Analysis of current management tools
  • Critical assessment of customer journey
  • Analysis of currently available management information and its use in the organization
  • Analysis of the sales organization with our “Commercial Excellence Checklist”
  • Analysis of managerial behavior and leadership styles
  • Analysis of current communication structure and meeting behavior
  • Potential for improvement in €

checklist2Week 2 :

EffCo will present a tailor made action plan for the implementation and realization of the improvement potential.

  • The EffCo resources needed to deliver the results
  • Return on Investment and payback timesroi
  • Stakeholder analysis and development of communication plan
  • Development and agreement on project governance structure

During the projects we form joint teams with our clients to establish ownership and to sustain results. This bundling of our clients’ expertise on markets and customers with our close collaboration and expertise in implementing change leads to lasting performance improvements.