During an EffCo project we identify together with our client’s people the areas for improvement, we improve workflows and work on a behavioral change of both top-management, mid-management and supervision.


During the development phase our coaches and consultants help the organisation fixing issues leading to inefficiencies, poor customer journey or employee disengagement, like poor communication or inefficient processes.

During the implementation phase we implement a Management Operating System (MOS) if the existing one is sub-optimal or we help management to better utilize the existing one.

A good MOS translates corporate goals into actions where the work is performed. EffCo will help you define and implement the right MOS for your organisation, so as to ensure that the operating strategy is consistently translated into more specific and actionable targets and actions for your front-line workers.

One of powerful tools of the EffCo MOS is the “Master Schedule” a tool determining the right level of resources with the appropriate skill based on expected workload and performance targets.

Rightsizing is a continuous thing for all companies ! EffCo can help you to develop and install the right tools, leading to 15-20% of efficiency savings, an improved customer journey and more engaged staff.

If correctly applied, rightsizing occurs when a company restructures its human resources to align with company goals and strategies. Human resource executives commonly sit in on business management teams to help coordinate talent management with strategic plans. If the company intends to shift its focus or optimize production efficiency for the long term, the move may require HR and management to rightsize. This move may include a combination of department and position cuts, with a reshuffling of responsibilities for remaining employees.

Not blind cost-cutting but an ongoing process :

Blind cost cutting can go dramatically wrong. We strongly believe that any cost-cutting exercise should take into account the current marketplace situation and s well as future trends. Secondly a solid analysis of where the real value is created is key. It’s important to know which activities are crucial for a positive customer journey and which activities are less crucial.


Intelligent cost-cutting does not mean less cost-cutting, but will lead to value creation.

A major difference between downsizing and rightsizing is that downsizing is a specific action, whereas rightsizing is typically an ongoing process. If a company calls layoffs “rightsizing,” but the move has no long-term premise and ongoing review, it is more likely downsizing. With a rightsizing strategy, company leaders perpetually review organizational structure and employment levels to ensure optimization with current market trends and customer demand.