Implementations of Process Improvements far beyond Lean/Six Sigma



Over the last 20 years, “lean” and “Six Sigma” were very fashionable and were adopted by manufacturers and service companies worldwide to eliminate waste and optimize processes.

The EffCo methodology goes far beyond this


In our 20 years plus experience as implementation consultants we have seen organizations overlooking substantial parts of the improvement potential by focusing only on the technical aspects of these methodologies.

Up to 70% of all transformation processes fail because of :

  • Underestimating the resistance to change on the work floor
  • Insufficient support  by senior leaders
  • Inadequate resources/budgets

An EffCo process improvement project always starts with identifying together with senior management the main goals and challenges and than communicating them to the organization. At EffCo we believe that implementing sustainable change is impossible without the buy-in of mid-management and supervision.



Rather than investing in an army of black belts, green belts, gurus and other change agents, at EffCo we believe in creating buy-in for the changes to come with all levels of management and supervision. The EffCo holistic approach brings leadership to a higher level  takes no longer than 26 weeks to generate substantial (20-30%), sustainable and scalable efficiency improvements.