There are NO miracle solutions to improve meeting efficiency

Room for improvement: the meeting room

Almost every single professional I know has issues of some sort with meetings, and feels a need to improve on this.

If you google in how to improve meetings at work, 219.000.000 results show up. The majority being articles along the lines of what I wrote in my previous article: the “how to …. “ and “easy ways to …..”. With so much information readily available for everyone, isn’t it strange that there is still so much meeting misery going on?

The answer is no. Here is why:

This type of change is about changing behavior more than anything else.

Changing behavior though, is not as easy as it appears. Although you may know what to do for something to change, putting this knowledge into action is another story. Not only is the human brain wired to resist change and preferring to hold on what it knows (even if that is something that isn’t necessarily good or beneficial), we also make the mistake to think of change as a “one off” event. The reality is that change doesn’t happen overnight, but rather gradually. It takes time and perseverance to truly change behavior. And this may be difficult to achieve on your own.

I like to compare it with weight loss: I think most of us know that if you want to lose weight, you need to change your eating and exercising behavior. Although this is known, a lot of people do not manage to actually start making this change (“I’ll start tomorrow”). And if they manage to make a start, it proves difficult to hold on to it. When people have reached their target weight, they start behaving like before and the kilos pile back on.

Relapse is underestimated or overseen in change management endeavors but is something you need to prepare for.

downloadResearch in psychology shows that it is very difficult to sustain change – we are all humans and humans tend to relapse in behavioural change. You need to take this into account when planning any organisational change. Plan to fail – it’s a key to success.

Did you ever try and change things in your working environment? Do you recognize any of the above?  Please share your experiences!

Author: Gabriela Schellekens
The leitmotiv in my professional life is CHANGE: From my very first working experience as a secretary to becoming operations director, throughout my entire career i have dealt with, supported and initiated change. Since I have dealt with change in various roles I can connect with people at all functions and levels in organisations. The effects of organisational change on humans are all too often underestimated and overlooked. My mission is to make sure that changes that organisations set out to happen actually do happen.

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