Agile marketing

Nowadays the job of CMO’s is a lot harder than it used to be. Technological evolutions and the retail landscape made traditional skills not longer being sufficient. One of the big challenges today is to get rid of the braking and old fashioned silo-thinking.



Today, the most successful FMCG organizations are inspired by the agile marketing techniques of tech-companies, using techniques like scrummasters, rapid sprints and empowered multi-disciplinary teams to get things done in a more agile way.




Through agile marketing, EffCo can help your organization to smoothly develop and implement the right structure and behavior to be more effective in introducing new products to the market.

In our approach we are using elements like “OBEYA” a Japanese word for warroom, nervous center or even brain. This means that all people involved in a marketing process meet in a obeya to speed up communication and decision making. This approach  reduces the silo-thinking as well as the amount of emails or time spent in endless meetings.

Very often the key to success is :

  •  Working simultaneously with all the players (sales, marketing, R&D, operations, finance, sourcing, …)
  • Clearly define roles and responsibilities
  • Improve the decision making process and empower the people 79914-quotes-about-efficiency
  • Improved internal client/supplier relations
  • Implementation of the right KPI’s, early warning systems and managerial behavior
  • Top management leading by example
  • Well defined and lean workflows
  • Effective traceability
  • Agile cross-organizational teams
  • Post-mortem sessions
  • Good handling of resistance to change