Hotels & Hospitality

In the hospitality industry the word efficiency has been a taboo for many years. In the last couple of years EffCo has conducted a large number of very successful projects in the hotel industry, and improved customer satisfaction

Not only did we manage to reduce costs with 15 to 20% but we also achieved substantial improvements in employee engagement and customer journey



Typical results are :

  • improved customer satisfaction rates (up to 20%)
  • Improved routings and workflows
  • Better customer centricity
  • Improvement of internal communications & Productivity
  • Implementation of lean management structures
  • Increased staff flexibility
  • Augmented focus of GMs on performance and productivity
  • Managers and supervisors to be better motivators of their teams
  • Improved inter-departmental communication and communication between staff and management
  • Better guest-centricity
  • Minimized meeting time and optimized meeting effectiveness
  • Reduction of the number of reports used and the time to set up operational reports
  • Operational cost reductions between 10% and 25%