About Us

The founding partners of EffCo started their working life in major, traditional international consulting firms, well-known for a heavily top-down and unilateral focus on short-term cost savings and the total ignoring of the valuable contribution of the people in the organization.

The pricey reports were all too often unrealistic and too often politically influenced, resulting in expensive transitions that all too often went wrong. EffCo was born out of the aspiration to realize lasting and broadly supported improvements that were beneficial to all the stakeholders on December 4th, 1994.

Currently, we consist of a stable group of approximately thirty consultants and implementers, together with an international network of about a hundred professionals accredited to implement our methodology.

Philippe Rogiest

Gabriƫlle Leonard

Ernesto Sahetapy

Gabriela Schellekens
(Rebellious Improver)

Marcelina Oosthoek