Banking & Insurance

In a few industries other than financial services are, change happening so fast. In an industry that has often sat back for far too long, the need for drastic change is now high. For both banks and insurers, implementing high-performance digitalization is a must, and the need for super-efficiency is a necessity. Only those players who will be able to offer personalized service at competitive rates will survive. Becoming “phygital” (Digital with a personal touch) is the new black. The millennials are already today switching en masse to fintech and insurtech. 

Low-interest rates complete the challenge, given that shareholders have become no less demanding. Simple and intuitive interfaces and constant innovation have become necessary to engage the demanding consumers. EffCo can help seamlessly implement a culture of continuous improvement and efficiency. 15 to 30% efficiencies are still possible combined with 20 to 40% reduced lead times, less rework, and duplication.