EffCo Academy

A fundamental cornerstone of our highly successful methodology is the transference of our expertise in the field of continuous improvement

In addition to our conventional project-based approach, we also provide standalone educational programs to familiarize talented individuals, team members, and line managers with our methodology and practices.

80% of the successfully implemented improvement trajectories can be accounted for by the tactical and communicative facets

while only 20% are technical factors like lean management.

During these intensive sessions, the topics addressed will be the following:





The identification of areas for improvement in terms of processes, behaviour and governance

The development of broadly approved improvement models and their subsequent evaluation

The concrete realization of these action plans, whereby a tremendous amount of focus is given to addressing the issues of resistance to change and how to mobilize the workforce for the forthcoming transformations

Teaching methodologies and frameworks to ensure that the achieved benefits are truly embedded.

By the end of these modules, the participants will be evaluated, and the successful candidates will be awarded the EffCo Implementation specialist certification.