The trends in the hospitality industry are moving at break-neck speed. The Corona crisis has resulted in a massive push for digitalization. In addition to the “stayers” like better operating margins, higher ADRs, better occupancy rates, and overall sales performance. “Personalization” has become a mandatory part of the business. After all, the customer desires a fully personalized experience. Hiring and retaining good staff has become challenging. There is a high level of drag from HODs on the needed transformational changes.

¬†Housekeeping faces numerous business challenges, MICE cash flow management brings up concerns, the competition is fierce, and the customers are becoming more and more demanding. Money-making in this industry does not have to be complicated, provided the game is played skillfully. Leadership behavior and day-to-day organization are primordial. EffCo can help ensure that an agile organization is swiftly and persistently deployed, focusing on customers’ satisfaction, employees’ loyalty, and customer satisfaction.¬†