Quick Scan

EffCo is not the thirteen-in-a-dozen consultancy. 

At EffCo, we successfully guide our clients effectively and successfully 

o the rapid and completerealization of their ambitious objectives.

Our proven combination of both a top-down and bottom-up approach makes us unique.

We work extremely closely with our clients, managers, and employees during our performance improvement projects, from the blueprint to successful implementation and guaranteed results.


Performance improvements today do not come out of the blue.  Successful organizations have not stood still recently and have experienced many efficiency initiatives.  The key to lasting success is overcoming the resistance to change.

Our starting point at EffCo is the formulated vision and the associated strategic options to enable us to make the company’s processes and their control more efficient and more effective in dialogue with management and staff. 

At EffCo, we are helping our clients speed up and enhance process efficiencies and handling resistance to change.

All our proposals are tailor-made after a preliminary 2-week “Quick Scan.”  This scan will enable us to draft a joint project proposal including focal points, themes, approach, and deliverables.  Based on the outcome of this analysis, our clients will have enough elements to decide on our recommendation.

Our aim is not merely to improve the established processes and the interdepartmental interfaces but to truly establish a culture of continuous improvement.

A successful improvement trajectory only emerges when both employees and mid-management can relinquish their resistance to change and accept leadership but are also encouraged to make well-informed, punctual, and accurate management adjustments.

The EffCo approach is based on a dual approach:

On the one hand, we are adjusting the behavior of managers to focus on continuous improvement and, on the other hand, improving the relevant processes, KPIs, and communication patterns.

Meticulous planning and the timing of transitions are paramount.  In our practice, a throughput time of 26 weeks is an optimal length for this specific type of project.  This is sufficiently long to secure widespread approval and is sufficiently brief not to lose any momentum.

The right time frame is determined by common accord during the quick scan, considering the particular DNA of the organization.

This method yields efficiency improvements of 15% and above.

At EffCo, we blend existing techniques such as “lean” and “six sigma” with the most current, up-to-date practices in behavior change.

Along with our clients, we are achieving significant gains in the areas of :



Health and safety

R&D effectiveness and efficiency

Process optimization

Employee satisfaction

Customer delight

Sales performance

Lead times


Cost cuts

Rather than glossy reports at EffCo, we are implementing quantifiable and measured improvements!