The world of banking and insurance is changing dramatically. The Fin-techs and the Insur-techs are not going to disappear. P2P players like Lemonade will create a shockwave.

Leaning back and hoping this is just a bad dream is not an option. EffCo can help you transforming quicker and becoming more agile.

Today most major players in banking and insurance improve customer satisfaction by focusing on both efficiency and customer centricity.

EffCo partnered with leading insurance companies and banks to achieve ambitious operational and customer centric objectives.


process improvement concept with business elements

Our approach is twofold:

  • Process optimization starting from the customer’s point of view.
    Today the customer is far more empowered than 5 years ago. Bankers and insurers need to fully understand how clients think and what makes the act. The technological tsunami of mobile living is unstoppable.Most banks and insurance companies are not meeting customers’ expectations at all :

    – Processes and products are based on the principle of “one size fits all”
    – Staff is taking no or little ownership of the customer
    – Legacy ICT systems can’t meet  expectations of users and customers
    – Value propositions are insufficiently transparent and are mostly administration driven


    EffCo can help the organisation to speed up a behavioral shift, implementing processes focussing on genuine customer-centricity.






  •  Solving overarching issues leading to higher efficiency and a better customer journey, to improve customer satisfaction. The silo mentality that we often encounter reduces efficiency, slows down the speed of transformation and may reduce employee engagement.download
    In most cases the root cause of many unsolved overarching issues is a conflict at the top of the organisationEffCo can help the organisation to rapidly align an organisation by creating a unified vision, handle hurdles and constantly coach, motivate and even positively confront key-players in a non-biased way.

Typical results are:

  • Customer journey improvements
  • Backlog reduction
  • Swift transformation
  • Rightsizing generating up to 25% savings
  • Straight through processing
  • Underwriting process times reduction
  • Implementation of daily/weekly planning and reporting systems
  • Implementation of a genuine culture of continuous improvement
  • Sales performance boost
  • Etc …