Business Mentoring

Appropriate leadership behavior is one of the cornerstones of the EffCo philosophy and a vital prerequisite for implementing a culture of constant improvements

Occasionally, during a performance improvement journey or other transformation facilitated by EffCo, the need for individualized mentoring emerges for one or more leadership members

One of our expert mentors can design a tailor-made trajectory in dialogue with the person in question to rapidly adopt the desired organizational behavior.

EffCo mentoring is fundamentally distinct from coaching. Coaching addresses a specific issue (e.g., focus, assertiveness, communication, …) and aims at a tangible outcome. The EffCo mentor is more long-term oriented. 

They will ask you the appropriate questions from their background but will not give you the answers you may require. A mentor will hold up a mirror to you; your responsibility will be what you see in it and how you deal with it. A coach will rush to your aid with a backpack full of tools and methods. The mentor stays away from the actual content more often to be able to help you better in the process. Your mentor helps with a backpack full of (business) experience.