Implementation of transformations

Emerging technologies promise more than efficiency. They have the power to amplify human intelligence by helping us make more intelligent choices


Partnering with others is the only way to make the most of new technologies to achieve people-centric transformation and scalable business innovation

The EffCo approach to (digital) transformation commences by carefully listening to the business’s ambitions and goals. If one thing we have learned about accompanying successful changes is that every organization is unique

At EffCo, we don’t start these trajectories with dramatic lectures on transformation but with careful listening

We have learned that sustainable transformation is founded on three fundamental pillars:






People should be the focus


The appropriate technologies must be deployed rapidly


Things must be easily scalable

In the hastiness of implementing transformations, acceptance is too often neglected, which is the reason why we begin by listening.


Listening does not mean that we blindly lump together the opinions of everyone in the organization and then distill a common denominator from them, but that we first seek to understand their concerns truly.

We aspire to genuinely grasp how the business operates, which is why we ask these relevant questions:

On the premise of what products and services will the targeted growth be based?

What technology is the most appropriate to accomplish this?

What innovations and technologies are looming on the horizon?

How do we best address cultural and behavioral issues?


In contradiction to our performance improvement projects, transformations can take a considerable time. To prevent our consultants from over-identifying with our clients’ organizations, we always seek the optimal mix between working shoulder to shoulder with the organization’s employees on the one hand and the other hand, preserving a critical “outside-in” perspective based on insights obtained in different businesses and other organizations.