Bring the outside in to grow stronger!

“DEIB” has become a crucial cornerstone within EffCo management practices because employees who feel engaged and treasured in businesses perform more effectively, get off sick much less, and become an ambassador of your brand.

A genuine and well-implemented DEIB policy catalyzes the whole organization and, in addition to bringing on performance gains, leads to an atmosphere where innovation and fresh thinking can flourish.

Not only do consumers and the public insist on sincere DEB policies, but investors in the very near future will only be willing to cross the bridge if solid DEIB policies are fully implemented.

Today we observe that DEIB is merely a catchphrase, a workshop, or a billboard in the HR department.

However, DEIB is crucial for sustainable growth and value creation.

DEIB stands for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging.

This is a critical foundation for sustainable growth, efficiency, customer experience, and corporate citizenship goals.

Diversity refers to how diversified a business is, not just in terms of race and gender but in terms of sexual orientation, age, national origins, physical ability, religion, and more. 

Equality represents how fair and impartial the workplace is, intending to ensure that all employees have equal opportunities to grow and progress. It also means creating space for underrepresented voices, addressing unconscious biases, and providing inclusive, culturally competent care. 

Inclusion emphasizes the importance of creating a welcoming environment for all, not just ensuring that people are treated fairly. In policy and practice, employers must ensure that everyone is heard and has the opportunity to voice their opinions, not just those comfortable in the spotlight.

Belonging is the newest addition to the DEIB values and the final puzzle piece. It represents the affinity and positive relationships between employees from different backgrounds when companies actively promote diversity, equality, and inclusion in the workplace.

At EffCo, we have developed a hands-on approach founded on the following 11 principles to get off to a flying start in a 90-day timeframe:

  1. Incorporate the objective into the company’s strategic goals
  2. Conduct an audit on the pain points, also uncovering the hidden ones
  3. Develop and align a plan of action
  4. Set up working groups and forums
  5. Adapt improved practices into HR protocols
  6. Share experiences, solicit feedback, and develop continuous improvement plans
  7. Infuse these practices and behaviors into ALL parts of the organization
  8. Steer by numbers, not gut feeling
  9. Lead by example and do what you promise
  10. Implement a system with KPIs focused on continuous improvement
  11. Create a diversity board